Cyber Risk Control

About Quantar

Our mission is to provide the software that P&C insurers & reinsurers need to provide cyber insurance at the right price, with the right assessed risk, to their valued clients at a time of rapid regulatory change and increased demand for higher limits and broader coverage

Who We Are


Established in March 2000 Quantar’s original expertise lay in the areas of cyber threat valuation and cyber risk management; including consequential damage arising from security breaches. This has been the mainstay of the company from the outset, under the guidance of Dr. Phillip King-Wilson who remains as Managing Director today.


Quantar began life, as so many technology start-ups do, as an out-of-hours project run between four people; three I.T. security practitioners working to provide network security for organizations such as NATO, SWIFT and a major bank; and a technology strategist working within the banking/services fields as an international director for digital commerce.

As a team, we wanted to answer the following question:

“if we assume that at a time in the future cyber attacks will be of an order of complexity and magnitude that I.T. security cannot provide 100% protection to companies, how can we value the losses that might occur?”

At the time, cyber threat management was seen as an I.T.-only problem and not a matter for a Board or head of risk management to be involved with. Since then of course, the entire context of networks, cyber threats and risk management has shifted far beyond the capabilities that existed at the time.

However, the question remains to this day and the means by which to achieve the answer continue for our company in constantly developing the methods and tools to give organizations the answers they need to protect themselves.

In developing such methodologies and tools, we have, in parallel developed patents to protect our proprietary and unique technologies around the world, from the U.S. to China and beyond. We continue to expand our patent portfolio to ensure we are able to deliver the best and unique cyber threat valuation tools to the market. Our patents mean that no other company is legally able to deliver these methodologies and tools.