Cyber Risk Control

Captive Analytics & Health Checks

Quantar Captive Cyber Risk Analytics

Using our cyber risk valuation analytics solutions delivers three clear benefits to your captive:

  1. To enable evaluation of factors such as Solvency II capital adequacy through surplus ratios;
  2. To facilitate stress testing of the types of cyber losses your captive can absorb over varying time frames, volumes and severity.
  3. To identify trends in cyber causation and other factors, providing more efficient targeting of cyber risk mitigation spend driving costs down.

Move away from guaranteed cost programs, to significant captive cyber risk retentions and use our technology to gather and analyse cyber risk data.

Cyber risk has no long history of commercial placement into captives, so it may be used as a risk management and risk financing tool to collect cyber risk data in conjunction with Quantar’s patented technologies.

Captive health check service

Our quantitative cyber risk analysis adds great value for captives in their strategic planning process.

We provide the ability to simulate cross-class cyber risks and aggregation in order to provide comprehensive balance sheet protection for captives.

Mapping overall corporate cyber risk is forefront, coupled with a focus now on cyber risk tolerance, appetite and the supporting cyber risk data.

Our solutions allow your captive to create a loss curve for each line of business, providing the data you require to create an overall corporate risk profile.

Using aggregated loss curves in place of discrete loss curves provides your captive with the downside risk from cyber.