Cyber Risk Control

Additional Support for Your Cyber Risk Management Program When You Need It

Our Consultancy Services

The ever-changing nature of cyber risk requires constant evolution of cyber risk management programs. Shifts in risk trends, regulatory mandates and solvency limits add to existing burdens for operational risk and resilience teams.

Quantar can offer key support for your organization in keeping abreast of best practice in managing cyber risks. We develop new methods and models to address cyber as a cross-functional and deeply rooted risk posed to all entities.

What We Offer

  • ISO27000 Frameworks for cyber risk management analysis
  • GDPR compliance analysis against our frameworks
  • Cyber risk valuation utilising our unique, patented solutions
  • Strategic oversight for existing cyber risk management programs
  • Gap analysis and recommendations for uplift of existing cyber risk projects
  • Cyber risk model appropriateness to needs evaluation

Quantar Solutions works with your in-house teams to assess and develop cyber risk management programs that support overall enterprise risk management objectives. Creating cyber risk profiles for your organization provides insightful knowledge as well as for risk transfer through reinsurance or securitization options.

 Our consulting services add value to your extant cyber risk programs by providing tools and models that are proprietary to Quantar, for assessing and valuing the actual cyber risks posed to your organization.

Our Approach to Assisting Your Organization:

Cyber programs evolve over time, with changes to corporate risk appetite in relation to risk retention, capital allocation, mitigation and supplier risks. Quantar provides the critical data you need to make informed decisions.

For more information on our consultancy options, please contact our sales team.