Cyber Risk Control

What We Do

Quantar combines multiple sources of data, together with cyber-security, and corporate risk management into a unique cyber risk analytics platform that quantifies the financial impact of cyber risks posed to enterprises

How Can We Help You?

Quantar’s unique CyCalc® underwriting and valuation support platform provides the key data required for deep insight into the real financial risk exposure from cyber threats.


Whether your needs are for underwriting, business interruption or corporate risk management, CyCalc® delivers, in a clear and easy to understand format, the analysis and values for the present and future periods.

Providing a financial value for your cyber risks

Clear identification of processes at most risk

” What-if ” scenarios for modelling mitigation actions

Risk profile aggregation for total portfolio management

Historical trend analysis and audit traceability

Future projections of threats and risk values

Our Specialized Fields

Cyber risk valuation
Cyber risk transfer
Underwriting support
Data breach compliance assistance
Collaborative cyber modelling

Quantar uses it’s unique CyCalc® underwriting and valuation support platform and does not use any form of “Tickbox Questionnaire” methodology. We work collaboratively with every client to understand the intricacies and process interdependencies within your organization. We seek to work to meet the individual needs of each client in order for them to reach their goals. We understand how our clients want to attain the best solution for their cyber threat risk management programs and can add value through our unique cyber threat valuation capabilities.

Dr. Phillip King-Wilson, CEO


We seek to ensure that your goals are met and the objectives of insightful cyber risk valuations are maintained.


We aim to ensure that all our actions and advisory information is translatable to your very individual organization.

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