Cyber Risk Control

Risk Management Videos

We present to you 3 introductory videos on risk management and cyber threat valuation for your review and assist in understanding our service role for your organization.

An introduction to the basic of operational risk management. The presentation is intended to give a general overview of Enterprise Risk, the components and processes that perhaps are not always viewed as forming the overall risk management structure.

A Primer on Risk Management

In this presentation, the concept of cyber threat valuation is focused upon. Why such valuations should be sought and how it may be achieved is discussed. We use Quantar’s propriety technologies to give a practical example and what the spin-off benefits might be.

Cyber Threat Valuation

We introduce the changing context of the threat environment and how algorithms may be used in threat modelling. Options to transfer risk through insurance and risk financing are introduced, including the impact upon reinsurance of retrocessional risk.

Algorithms and Risk Financing

Many people often wonder what network traffic actually looks like, due to the daily news about networks and hacks. Here we have provided a small sample to help you understand what network traffic actually look like. You can see the time, source, destination, size and type.

Sample Network Capture

In today’s operating environment, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability is no longer a business need; it will be a Law, starting in May 2018 with the GDPR mandating these attributes. Failing to meet ANY of these requirements can lead to heavy penalties.

Why Your Network is Key